Our Identity

PHA.SE. is a Milan-based company – set up in the year 2000 – that prides itself on its expertise and on a dynamic and flexible approach. Over the years the company has consolidated its experience and extended its business to include a broad range of engineering, validation and quality assurance services.
Services & know-how
based in Milan
PHA.SE. delivers engineering, commissioning and validation services in accordance with standard, internationally recognized methodologies as well as cGMP regulation, European and US Pharmacopoeia.


  • In occasione della Fiera internazionale CPHI WORLDWIDE 2021, PHA.SE. ha presentato il nuovo logo e i nuovi servizi di ingegneria:  Feasibility Study Basic & Detailed Design Project Management Computational Fluid Dynamics  ...

  • PHARMINTECH is the international exhibition for the pharmaceutical, biotech, nutraceutical and cosmeceutical industries. Bologna Fiere Exhibition Centre, Bologna, Italy...

  • The AFI Symposium The AFI Symposium is the important conference that for almost 60 years involves the interlocutors of the pharmaceutical sector at an international level, and this is why it is confirmed year by year an essential moment of encounter and exchange between the......



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