What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text files that the sites visited by the user to send its terminal, where they are stored before being relayed to the next visit of the site by you. During the navigation of a site, you can get on to their terminals also cookies of different sites (cd cookie “third party”), as specific links to web pages in other domains. Cookies are used for different purposes depending on the sites on which they are installed; they can fulfill the purpose of authentication information, monitoring of sessions and storing specific information about users accessing the server.

Types cookies?

The Site uses cookies “analytics” to analyze access / visits to the Site, solely for statistical purposes, by collecting aggregate information. The use of these cookies do not require your authorization. But you can disable cookies by Google Analytics by visiting the web page of Google (Google GaOptOut) and downloading the add-in for your browser.


As in most of the websites, the visit to the site pha-se.com uses cookies to improve the user experience. The cookies used on the site pha-se.com are only “technical” or purpose of permitting to navigate between pages efficiently.

Cookies are used: Session cookies (or technical): Temporary that allow the user access to personalized services and to take full advantage of the site’s features. Cookies analysis: both temporary and permanent, allow you to collect an aggregate information about user behavior on the site and therefore improve the experience and content provided. The information gathered in this way has no value as personal data are collected and analyzed anonymously. Specifically we use the Google Analytics cookies* in the manner shown on this page. The third-party cookies are not created or read by pha-se.com, but by its third party. We have a limited knowledge and control over these cookies, on the data collected and for what purpose they are used. These third-party cookies may include functional cookies, strictly necessary and analytical. Third parties can use the information for their own purposes. The information collected can, among other things, include information on how to use the options of the relevant third party, and may allow the third party to recognize its users. Instead cookies are not used for marketing purposes (targeting cookies) or to profile the user behavior while browsing. Please visit the guarantor http://www.garanteprivacy.it/web/guest/home/docweb/-/docweb-display/docweb/3118884 for further study on the legislation regulating the matter. Acceptance and renunciation of cookies Continuing the navigation on this site by closing the clamp information or clicking on any part of the page or by scrolling to highlight additional content, we accept the Cookie Policy pha-se.com and will be set and collected cookies. In case of rejection of cookies by abandonment of navigation, any cookies already registered locally in your browser will remain registered but there will no longer be read or used by apha-se.com until a subsequent and eventual acceptance of the Policy. At any time, the user will have the right to accept or refuse the use of cookies, or to remove those accepted by changing the settings of your browser. The following links may be useful to identify how to disable cookies in your browser users:

  • Setting Cookies in Internet Explorer
  • Cookie settings in Firefox
  • Cookie settings in Chrome
  • Cookie settings in Safari web and iOS

By doing so, you should know that will not be available all the interactive features of the website.

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